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Vsevolod Chernov
Vsevolod Chernov

[S3E5] Puddle Defender

There were seven of them, not six as Pinua had scouted. Everything became a thunder of hooves and a screaming of men and horses in the darkness. It was all Doil could do to stand with what might pass for firmness while Pinua and Galeen wheeled about to either side, engaging the bandits before their momentum could sweep through the defenders. One bandit, sawing the reins to bring his horse back under control, spurred the beast towards Doil and Arval, sword held low; Doil threw himself clear.

[S3E5] Puddle Defender


The BBC Cumbria Facebook page recently posted a few photos of their newest defender, who is part of the Cumbria Superheroes. Recent clown sightings had started to frighten the local children, and so the group enlisted Batman's help to keep the peace (via

Yeah, you're a puddle now aren't you? Can't blame you, and hopefully, the appearance of someone willing to do something will be enough to get rid of the issue. If not, knowing Batman he will no doubt have some anti-clown repellent to help keep the peace. 041b061a72

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