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The Fosters - Season 1

The first season of The Fosters premiered on June 3, 2013 and ended on March 24, 2014. The season consisted of 21 episodes and stars Teri Polo and Sherri Saum as Stef Foster and Lena Adams, an interracial lesbian couple, who foster a girl (Maia Mitchell) and her younger brother (Hayden Byerly) while also trying to juggle raising twin teenagers (Cierra Ramirez and Jake T. Austin) and Stef's biological son (David Lambert). Some other characters included in season one of "The Fosters" include Mike, Brandon's biological father (Danny Nucci), and Talya, Brandon's girlfriend (Madisen Beaty).

The Fosters - Season 1

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Get ready for another exciting season of ABC Family's newest family drama. Season 2 of The Fosters premieres June 16, and if last season's jaw-dropping finale was any indication of things to come, we're in for a seriously dramatic new season. The Season 1 finale of The Fosters shook things up big time for the Foster family, and the sophomore season will have to pick up a whole lot of pieces. So what happened last season on The Fosters? Here's where we left the Foster family.

Clayton has joined the hour-long drama in a recurring capacity as Chase, a handsome and charming high school senior who recruits Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) to join the crew of the school play. He first appears in the second episode of the winter season, which kicks off in January.

It will follow many of the licensed ABC and Freeform series that are set to depart from Netflix two years after the final season hits Netflix. Once Upon A Time, for example, is expected to leave Netflix later this year.

I mainly attribute this to the re-emergence of some likable supporting characters, specifically Ana, Gabe, and Mike. (I know we saw Mike in the season premiere, but here we get glimpses of a relationship I actually forgot existed.)

The penultimate episode ended with Brandon in the back of a cop car with Stef (Teri Polo) and Mike (Danny Nucci) and divulging to them all of the secrets that he has kept for the past 21 episodes. Tonight, the season one finale of The Fosters picks up right where we left off, and we've got your exclusive first look!

There are many cool behind-the-scenes facts about The Fosters, including the fact that two different actors played Jesus. Sometimes actors get switched up before a show begins shooting its entire first season or after the pilot episode, and Bob Saget replaced an actor on Full House. But in Jesus's case, this happened later on. Let's take a look at what happened.

The Fosters talks about adoption and Stef and Lena adopt Jesus and Mariana when they're very young. Jesus is a sweet and charming young boy who begins exploring his love of wrestling in season 1. He also falls in love with his classmate Emma. In the season 2 finale, Jesus is in a terrible car accident, and when the show came back for season 3, the actor had been replaced.

It's interesting to note that while Jake T. Austin felt that Jesus didn't have much to do on the show, the character definitely is in a lot of episodes from seasons 3 to 5. Jesus and Mariana get to know Anna, which is really sweet to watch, and it's also heartbreaking watching Jesus recover from his car accident and do his best to get back to normal or some semblance of it. In season 4, Jesus discovers that his girlfriend Emma had an abortion and his brother Brandon supported her through it, and he's shocked and saddened that they would keep this from him.

On The Fosters, Lena and Stef welcome adopted children into their family. ABC Family is hoping that viewers will welcome this new TV show into their homes and bring big ratings. Will it see a second season or be cancelled instead? Time will tell.

please, never cancel this show.. like EVER! I have learned so much from this show. it has inspired me in many more ways than one. I love this show and if it gets to season 123, I will be watching from my grave. ONE OF MY FAVS! stef and Lena tho! awe

Great joy tends to come with great sacrifice, and such is the case for next month's coming and going from Netflix list. (Maybe that's a little melodramatic, but this is TV we're talking about.) While we're excited October comes with the highly anticipated second season of Stranger Things, we wish a tearful goodbye to all (yes, all) seasons of some of our favorite shows, including 30 Rock and One Tree Hill.

Among its other original series, Netflix will debut the second season of Narcos and the fifth season of Longmire on Sept. 2 and Sept. 23, respectively. Meanwhile, its movie slate will add classics from the '70s and '80s, including Jaws, Footloose and Top Gun, among other titles. 041b061a72

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