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Getting Things Done Skachat Pdf ((TOP))

If you spend a lot of time in transit, you may want to think about a mobile setup that lets you get things done even while commuting. Many people lose opportunities to be productive because they are not equipped to take advantage of the time they waste in transit or whenever they are out of the office.

getting things done skachat pdf


The actual review process is probably the less documented aspect of GTDfrom all the resources I've read so far. When it is mentioned, some peopleexplain they have a weekly review while some others uses a daily review. Toget things further complicated, it is not clear if this process is a matterof a few minutes or a matter of hours. My personal point of view so far(and this may change in the future) is that a daily process is probably theway to go in my case since I'm adding from 5 to 10 entries to my inboxeach day (mail included). For me, the end of the work day seems to be thebest time to do the review since my memory is still fresh with things I'vedone during the day, and what may come next for each project. 041b061a72

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