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Routing: Electrical Note 1: 'Saving the Harness' steps in the tutorial didn't make sense in SW 2014 student edition. See problem/solution Q: How do I save a harness... Note 2: From 'Importing From-To Information' part of the tutorial on, the steps didn't work or make sense in SW 2014 student edition. It was impossible to place components from the from-to list. They just hung in random 3D space. (box with harness, electrical routing, model cables or harnesses, electrical routing tools, add routing, set routing options, manually create a route, electrical routing design library, specify wires and pins, split route, import route, create drawing from route, tools>options>routing, automatically route on drops of clips, Solidworks routing, start up column, edit route, insert plug connectors, inserting connectors, route properties propertymanager, route harness, 3D sketch mode, auto route propertymanager, routing library, save route assembly externally, rotate view, plug-5pindin.sldprt, access the design library, routing library troubleshooting, options>routing file locations, create route using auto route, cpoint, connection points, auto route, current selection, specifying wires and pins, edit wires, add wire, 20g blue wire, select path, edit wires propertymanager, from-to parameters, exit sketch, about specifying wires, different wire configurations, add multiple wires, insert clips, route through clip, connector, insert components propertymanager, routing from split point, add relations, tangent, specify new cable wires, saving the harness (see notes 1 and 2 above), save harness and references to new assembly, referenced virtual subassembly, references, harness references, browse, save as with references dialogue box, import from-to information, from-to lists, electrical designers, connector part numbers, wire specifications, about the routing library, collection of prespecified routing components, clips, plugs, default routing library settings, start by from-to, electrical routing toolbar, from-to list file, start a new assembly, inserting components, insert component propertymanager, about from-to lists, XML tables, Excel spreadsheets, insert route connectors, connecting the route, route guidelines, guidelines, merge guidelines to form routes, save sketch, flattening the harness, virtual component, flatten route, same as assembly, rebuild, drawing options, BOM, cut list, connector tables, balloons, flatten route propertymanager, flatten type, annotation, flatten options, display 3D connectors, electrical BOM, length field, flattened configuration)

Lynda – SOLIDWORKS: File References

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