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The Weeknd released a music video for "Starboy" on September 28th, and it's had everyone confused. The loudest theorists claim it's proof that Abel Tesafaye has achieved the rank of "starboy" in the Illuminati or some satanist cult, but the actual meaning of the video's a little easier to grasp and prove.

starboy cross buy

In the first scene of the video, the camera is slowly moving through Abel's house, and we soon see Abel tied up at the dining room table while a masked robber sits across from him at the table, playing with a lighter--possibly the same lighter from the music video for "Can't Feel My Face" that the haunting antagonist lights Abel on fire with. Since in that video, the lighter was probably symbolic of temptations or weaknesses that made Abel stronger, its presence in "Starboy" could mean that this new person has embraced and taken over those weaknesses.

A lot of conspiracy theorists think that the cross necklace, the neon cross, and the camera's close up on Abel's eye are confirmations of Illuminati ideas, but what's really happening here is that Abel's reacting to the cross and what it symbolizes about religion to him.

He doesn't give away easily his own thoughts on religion, but from some brief research on my part, he doesn't seem to be particularly religious even though he was raised Christian. Thus, the cross could mean any number of things to him, but my theory is that it may represent the religion of his youth and that it stands in opposition to the lifestyle he's living now. He's a little hesitant about being a starboy, and the cross and old faith may remind him of how he doesn't like the direction he's going in.

But still, he keeps those crosses close to remind him of where he's come from or maybe to symbolize the small part of him that's calling for him to return to those ways. In the video, he only wears the more traditional, blingy cross, but he uses the new, unique neon cross as his tool and instrument.

New Abel uses the neon cross to trash Old Abel's house and all of his records and trophies and accomplishments. What he's likely saying here is, "I've done some really amazing things, but they're nothing compared to what I plan to do." He doesn't need Old Abel's accolades or accomplishments. He's a new person, and he's ready to do some new and even more amazing things.

When the cat turns into a panther during the drive, it could be symbolic of two things. One, earlier in the video, The Weeknd walks past a picture of Daft Punk (who helped to write/produce this song) and a panther (and a shooting star/starboy in the background). This panther could be a representation of Daft Punk that acknowledges their contribution to the writing of the song. Two, it could be Able explaining to us his embracement of his own status as a "Starboy." He doesn't necessarily want to be one, but just as he plans on accomplishing more, he may be planning to embrace this darker side of himself even more even as that darker side grows from a small size to a large one.

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