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Laurel Boars
Laurel Boars

Mixvibes U Mix 44 Asio Driver

List of Libraries: PPG Wave 2.V.bs3 Reason 2.bs3 Storm_demo.bs3 default_cc.bs3 halion.bs3 juno106.bs3 mackie_ctrl.bs3 mc_303.bs3 mix_vibes.bs3 mixvibes.bs3 motif_es.bs3 nrpn.bs3 qm309.bs3 qm_309.bs3 rs7000.bs3 snd_blst.bs3

Mixvibes U Mix 44 Asio Driver


Hello, I have installed the win 1.35.20 drivers, my interface is the Cube G and O.S. is win 8.1. Do installing G-ProDriverVST-2.0.0f10 drivers bring some improvement, or is it not necessary ?Kind regards.

Update 2007-01-13: We have learned that a BCD2000 user, Evinyatar has released an OSX compatible driver (Universal Binary, MIDI functions only), and has plans for more customizations. -JL

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