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[S1E11] Return Of The Queen

What a great episode! Mr Queen returns for a lively 67 minute episode this time around, a shorter slice of historical drama but one that still packs one heck of a punch. In fact, this episode perfectly showcases all the best elements of Mr Queen while developing the plot at a good pace.

[S1E11] Return of the Queen

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As the lights go out one final time on Queen of the South's fourth season, the only thing fans can be sure of is that things will never be the same. Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga) has lost all her ties to the innocent young woman she was at the start of the series, finally becoming the queenpin she was destined to be.

He adds, "Tony's death really is a catalyst and a turning point for her. This is now arching for her towards the one thing that we've all been waiting for, which is for her to become queen."

With Teresa ready to ascend, the series lines up her breakup with current love interest Eddie Brucks (Bailey Chase) just as a familiar face tumbles into her arms injured. Fans have been hoping to see James (Peter Gadiot) return all season, and they finally get their wish in the show's biggest cliffhanger to date.

It was a homecoming for Gadiot to slip back into the role of James, and he was aware all season long how much fans missed the character. While he isn't sure about what his character has been up to while he's been away, he's extremely excited for fans to see James' big return.

Also, he says, "I think it's a great opportunity going into his return to discover and explore where he was and why he was doing what he was doing. It's more a window into his soul, I guess, and his journey. I think next season is going to be fascinating to uncover the reasons he was away."

And just as James returns, Javier's time on the show comes to an end in a blaze of glory. Alfonso Herrera, who joined the cast during the show's third season, admits that he always knew how things would end for the character, and he thinks it was the perfect way to see him go.

This segment hinges largely on the performance of Arthur Darvill, who makes a welcome return to the DC realm in the wake of the recently canceled Legends of Tomorrow. Darvill expertly shifts his approach over the course of the episode, evolving from agitated, frustrated novelist to arrogant celebrity to unhinged madman with ease. Richard Madoc is both one of the series' most despicable and most fascinating minor characters, and Darvill captures those qualities well.

This episode is preceded and followed by Frank the Plant and Chaz in the basement from the cold opening of "Batman's Back Man". Here, Frank does a recap of past episodes to explain how the Justice League ended up in Queen of Fables' storybook in the season 1 episode, "Devil's Snare", requiring Harley to restore his memory in the previous episode, "Dye Hard", which he had lost in the season one finale. This episode then plays as normal, and afterward they return, with Frank singing praises of the show's writing quality while also complaining about Chaz's buttered popcorn, declaring that he is "watching [his] cholesterol".

Batman and company arrive in suburbia to get the book, but the Joker says he will speak to Bethany himself. She answers the door coldly, but Joker, in an uncharacteristically vulnerable moment that surprises Batman, earnestly says that he's been missing something in his life; love. Bethany joyfully takes him back. With the correct book in hand, Zatanna magically liberates a shellshocked Justice League, with Wonder Woman describing the world of the book as "hell", After Batman debriefs the other Leaguers, they head out to deal with the Parademon army (with the Flash deciding he must return to Central City, and Zatanna also taking her leave).

With the heroes gone, Harley asks the Joker if he just plans on returning to his amnesiac suburban self. He replies that he'll still be a serial killer; just with a reason to kill, love: He then urges Harley to go get her own love. As Harley leaves, she is met at the door by Ivy. Before Harley can make her move, mind-controlled Ivy drones: "I am going to kill you."

At the Wudang Temple in China, an ancient monk looks on as hundred of arrows stream down. He deflects them from hitting him and then sees five ninjas arrive. He knocks them down and then asks the three leaders, the Terrible Trio, when they will abandon their efforts to capture the temple. He warns them it will be a long time before they can defeat him and take the temple's totem. They attack but the monk easily defeats first Shark, and then Vulture. However, Fox downs him with a poisoned dart. The monk gasps in agony and Fox warns them that they have to depart with the rising of the sun, but there's nothing Wong Fei can do to stop them before they return.

In Gotham, Batman brings down the Top as he robs a bank. Suddenly Batman hears the monk chastising his form. Batman finds his astral self summoned to before Wong Fei. The ailing Wong Fei chastises Batman for his costume and tells Batman that his former ates are seeking the animal totem. Batman must reach the temple before sundown and Batman promises to come and bring Bronze Tiger. Wong Fei tells him not to waste his time bringing the prideful Bronze Tiger, then gives Batman a scroll containing an image of a hybrid man/animal form. Wong Fei says his journey has ended. He fades from sight and Batman's consciousness returns to his body.

Batman has already managed to use the Batplane to break his fall. He flies with Bronze Tiger to Hong Kong where the Terrible Trio and their men are attacking the city. The Trio use the totem to summon a mystic army on junks out of a bank of fog. Vulture flies up and rips the wing off the Batplane. They eject and land on the dock, only to find themselves surrounded. Bronze Tiger offers his surrender in return for Fox sparing his village. Fox agrees as long as Bronze Tiger bows down before him. Bronze Tiger kneels before him, but then knocks the totem out of Fox's hand. Batman and Bronze Tiger grab it and transform into hybrid bat and tiger forms. The mist envelops the docks, but Batman uses his enhanced senses and his blind-fighting abilities to defeat Vulture. Bronze Tiger dares Fox to come and get the totem. As they fight, Batman destroys the junks while Bronze Tiger incapacitates Fox and delivers one final blow.

Upon arriving at a church in Albion, Louise and Wardes are confronted by a corps of masked knights and are interrogated upon entrance. She presents the Ruby of Water as evidence of being an emissary sent by Princess Henrietta; the masked man presents the Ruby of Wind that forms a rainbow when pointed towards each other, revealing himself to be Prince Wales himself. Inside a chamber with Wales, Louise presents the missive from Henrietta; upon reading its contents, Wales exchanges a letter with her to present to the Princess upon return to Tristain. Wales also explains to Louise about the existence of the Reconquista, an underground group that has been controlling the nobility's rebellion and actions in the civil war. He lets Louise send the message to Henrietta that he shall fulfill his duty as prince to protect the country till death.

Slowly, Hank is noticing patches of the St. Augustine browning, and dying, with no explanation. He is crushed, and returns to Dale. Of course, Dale is aware of the problem, he is the one planting the Fire Ants strategically throughout the lawn. Dale sets to work on killing the problems, and completely destroys Hanks lawn in the process.

Kevin is getting tired of his not-so-honorable reputation as the "minivan kid" at school, so when the school is looking for a new homecoming king and queen for the night's disco-themed homecoming dance, Kevin sees a chance to rebrand himself, and plans to attend it. That same night, however, The Destructress and FistPuncher escape prison, and plan to crash that very same homecoming dance to announce their return.

The Genie is summoned to see the king. King Leopold has read her diary reveling that she thinks of herself as being trapped. He tells the Genie that he thinks the queen is in love with someone else and is unhappy. He asks the Genie to find the man who gave her the mirror, a task which he accepts. 041b061a72

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