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Csr Bluesuite 2.6.2

Navigate to where you installed the Blue Suite software (for me it was C:Program files(x86) CSRBlueSuite 2.6.2 ) In this folder there is a file called usbspi.dll, rename it to something else (I called it usbspiBACKUP.dll ) Right click in the folder and paste the file you copied earlier, you should now have both the new usbspi.dll file where the old one was Zadig Plug your FTDI board into your computer (Note: I had issues flashing when using a USB hub, so try plugging it in directly to the computer if you can) Launch Zadig Select the FTDI module from the drop down (should be called FT232R USB UART ) If you dont see it, go to Options and then List all devices Select the libusbK driver and click Install Driver Thatt it for installation, now the fun beings Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download Step 7: Backing Up the Firmware on the HC-05 The first thing we want to do is backup the firmware that is currently on the HC-05 module in case you ever want to return it to its original state, and also we need to backup the modules current settings.

Csr Bluesuite 2.6.2

This will take about 2 minutes to backup When its finished, click the Start Processor button and close BlueFlash Backing up the settings Go to the start menu again and open CSR Bluesuite 2.6.2 - PSTool Select SPI BCCMD and then select your FTDI board in the Port drop down.

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