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Mario Kart Tour Mobile: How to Unlock Characters, Courses, and More

When a race is completed, the player will be awarded with Grand Stars, experience points for the used driver, kart, and glider whose base points are not maxed out, and coins. If the player finishes in the top three places, the gauge to level up will be filled, while if the placement is 5th or lower, the gauge will be dropped. When the gauge is already empty, however, the player will not level down. Only the points gained in the specific course will be lost, meaning that the first race on each course won't make the player lose experience points even if they arrive in 8th place; similarly, each course has an experience points cap. The more experience points have already been gained on a specific course, the fewer experience points will be awarded by arriving in the first three places until the cap is reached. At that point, only the experience points lost due to arriving in 5th place or lower will be regained when arriving in the first three places. The total amount of experience points gained in a course is never reset and is carried to the following tours, forcing the player to drive in new courses to still keep gaining experience points and leveling up.

The courses the player can play depends on the tour, which changes every two weeks. Since the Battle Tour, each tour has fifteen cups, and adds new drivers, karts, gliders, and courses. Starting with the Baby Rosalina Tour until the Anniversary Tour, each tour had twelve cups. Starting with the 2019 Paris Tour until the Mario Bros. Tour, each tour had eighteen cups. Starting from the New York Tour until the 2019 Halloween Tour, each tour had sixteen cups. During certain tours, mainly ones themed around real-world locations, the game includes one course that is new to the series. Each cup contains three races and one bonus challenge. Bonus challenges require the player to beat a certain goal with a certain character, kart, and glider. Once each of the courses and the bonus challenge are all played and enough Grand Stars are obtained, the player can move on to the next cup. In later tours, cups are automatically unlocked without any requirements. In Mario Kart Tour, cups are named after the playable characters.

mario kart tour mobile

Every week, one of the tour's cups is a ranked cup. In a ranked cup, the player is placed on a leaderboard based on their overall score in the game against nineteen other players. The player gains a reward for finishing in the top 10 and will increase in tier at the end of the week if their end position is near the top, while they will lose one or two tiers if finishing poorly enough above tier 20. Since the Cooking Tour, tier 25 and up rewards points-cap tickets for the top few positions. These tickets, along with the corresponding point-boost tickets, rotate between driver, kart, and glider tickets on a weekly basis. In some tours, drivers replaced coins in the rewards for moving to a higher tier. Currently, the highest tier the player can reach is 99.

Introduced in version 2.6.0, Auto mode is a new option in single-player races that allows the player to spectate in a race fully controlled by the AI. The driver, kart and glider chosen by the player will participate in said race and will be the default AI player followed. The player is able to choose the racer followed by the camera and has control on the relative positioning and zoom of the camera. A button at the bottom allows to take screenshots at the rendering resolution of the game rather than the display resolution of the device. Starting with version 2.8.0, seven additional filters can be applied to the camera. When the race ends, the Coins and event tokens (but not team tokens) collected by the chosen driver are given to the player, along with the obtained experience points of the driver, kart and glider. The experience points of the player will instead remain unaffected, regardless of the outcome of the race. Additional filters have begun to be added with new tours, starting with the Princess Tour.

In Coin Rush, the player can spend rubies to obtain a great number of coins. Over 300 coins are found in the course. For each tour, another course is available in Coin Rush. Gold Mario is the regular driver, and the Gold Standard is the regular kart driven. The coins obtained from Coin Rush are multiplied by a certain number, depending on how many rubies a player has spent.

As of the Wedding Tour, regular login bonuses are replaced with Today's Challenge in which the player must complete a race on a pre-selected course with a pre-selected driver, kart, and glider. After completing this daily race, the player can shoot out a free pipe launch (except on day 14) which can contain regular items, as well as rubies, coins, and item tickets. The player receives a special blue-colored badge on day 14 as a reward for playing on every day of the given tour. Until the Anniversary Tour, the player received 5 rubies on days 5 and 10, in stead of a free pipe pull.

As of the Snow Tour, players can purchase a card for $4.99 USD with additional challenges every tour, with the reward for completing all challenges being a High-End driver, kart or glider. Progress on the challenges is shown whether the player has purchased or not, and all completed challenges can be claimed immediately on purchase. Uncompleted challenge cards can be carried over to the next tour, with up to fifteen able to be held at once.

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Players can visit profile pages of themselves and their friends. On a profile page, the player can display a badge, choose their eight favorite drivers out of the drivers they own and can see their records, which include the amounts of collected drivers, karts, and gliders, their highest score they earned on a single course in the current tour, their number of Standard Race, Gold Race and Kart Pro wins, their highest multiplayer grade and their highest tier. Additionally, their current level, tier, and multiplayer grade are shown for the player and their friends.

Mario Kart Tour[b] is a 2019 kart racing mobile game developed by Nintendo EPD and published by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. The game was announced in January 2018 and was released on September 25, 2019, on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Mario Kart Tour introduces a new format called "Tours". Tours are named after cities in the real world, Mario series characters, Mario series games, or other themes.[6] Each tour lasts for two weeks, beginning on Wednesday at 1.00 a.m. EST. In a tour, players can compete in twelve to eighteen cups and collect drivers, karts and gliders which represent the corresponding cities or themes. There are also spotlight drivers, karts, and gliders while a tour lasts for two weeks. Each Cup consists of three courses (some courses that are based on the ones from Super Mario Kart are labelled as "remix courses" (abbreviated to "RMX courses") and use a different layout compared to the original, and feature new mechanics[7]) and a bonus challenge. Courses from previous cups may be reused for subsequent cups. Most races have two laps, while most bonus challenges are done in one lap. The cups are also named after some of the drivers in the game instead of the usual items in the Mario franchise, similar to the Mario Kart Arcade GP series.

After the player finishes a race, the player is awarded Grand Stars to unlock tour gifts, coins and experience points for the used character, kart, and glider. If the player finishes in the top three, they will earn some player points for their level. If the player finishes in 5th place or below, the level-gauge will decrease. When the player fills the gauge all the way, they will level-up to get a reward. Each course also has an experience point limit. Currently, the max player-level is 400.

On September 2, 2022, Nintendo announced that the game's most controversial piece, the "gacha" mechanic with the ruby spotlight pipe would be removed and replaced with a normal shop that would not only include any new tours' brand new characters, gliders, and karts; but bring back old ones that players missed out on in previous tours. Alongside that was the reveal of battle mode making its return. Both were done with an update released October 5, 2022.[15]

This page contains tips and tricks for Mario Kart Tour, a new mobile game developed by Nintendo that brings your favorite kart racers to your phone. Whether you're a Mario Kart veteran or a first-time player, these tips and tricks will help you race straight to the top.

For Mario Kart veterans jumping into Tour, there are some big changes to know about. Because the game was developed for mobile, it plays drastically different from the traditional console and handheld versions of Mario Kart. It also functions quite differently too as it utilizes gacha mechanics to unlock characters, karts and more.

In this mobile adaptation of the Mario Kart franchise, I used a single finger to glide my kart around the track, kicking up blue sparks when I drifted and tapping the screen to fire red shells at computer opponents. There is no multiplayer yet, just a never-ending supply of AI racers zooming around tracks from old Mario Kart games.

This game isn't just bad to play (which it is, it's got poor controls and limited interaction) but it's downright gross with its microtransaction BS. Nintendo have usually handled mobile alright, but this game more than any other they've put out feels malicious as if it's solely out to take advantage of people with spending problems. I've lost some respect for their mobile division. FE Heroes walked the line and Animal Crossing was reasonable when it first released, but Mariokart Tour is just awful.

@Franklin Apparently if you fiddle with the options you can make things tolerable... But it's just not the same kart experience you get from the main games. It feels over-simplified. There's better racing games on mobile imo.

I am legitimately curious: if this game had a different theme, say it was Socrates and Friends Kart Racing where all the courses are Athenian philosophy themed and you can play as Socrates and his friends, Plato, Alcibiades, Phaedrus, Xenophon, and more, would it still deserve the same score? Some of them are video game characters thanks to Assassin's Creed now. The conclusion praises the game for being a mobile take on Mario Kart: if this was not a mobile take on the series but the first entry in another kart racing series, if everything was basically the same except the theme, would that change whether this game is worth suggesting as strongly?

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