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Diamant Film Restoration Software.epub

Diamant Film Restoration Software

Diamant Film Restoration Software is a professional solution for automatic, semi-automatic and interactive film restoration, cleaning, enhancement and repair. It is developed by HS-ART Digital, a company based in Austria that specializes in digital image processing and film restoration. Diamant Film Restoration Software has been used successfully in film archives, post production houses, studios and laboratories around the world since 2001.

Diamant Film Restoration Software.epub


Features and Capabilities

Diamant Film Restoration Software can handle almost any kind of film defects, such as dust, dirt, scratches, flicker, instability, line scratches, grain, noise, color degradation, stains, misaligned channels, camera hairs, destroyed images or parts of images, infrared mask matte defects and more. It offers a number of automatic, semi-automatic and interactive tools for film restoration, such as:

  • Paint Tools: Clone, HistoryBrush and Paint tools allow to manually fix single image defects using a click & fix technology.

  • Repair Tools: Dust, Interpolate and ExInPaint tools allow to automatically or interactively repair single image defects such as camera hairs and static defects.

  • Filter Tools: A variety of filters are available for automatic or semi-automatic restoration of different types of defects, such as Flicker Filter, Stabilizer Filter, Scratch Filter, Grain & Noise Filter, Color Filter and more.

  • Video Tools: Optional tools dedicated for video restoration are also available, such as DigiBeta Drop-Out Filter, Analogue Vertical Drop-Out Filter, Noise Field Issue Repair Filter, Reverse Telecine Filter, De-Interlace Filter and Re-Timing Filter.

Diamant Film Restoration Software is resolution independent and supports 8, 10, 12 or 16 bit color depth (lin/log). It also supports multi GPU and render farm processing for faster performance. It can be integrated into third party workflows and automation systems using various options.

Components and Versions

Diamant Film Restoration Software consists of several software components to deal with various restoration projects. They allow to organize the restoration work, define restoration jobs, real-time viewing, batch rendering and generating of automatic restoration reports. The Annotator is fully integrated into Diamant Film Restoration Software which allows to prepare, estimate and document all restoration steps in reports. The software components are:

  • RestorationManager+: The main application for organizing and managing the restoration projects. It includes all DustBuster+ features for interactive restoration.

  • BatchRenderer: A tool for preparing, scheduling and rendering several restoration projects automatically in the background or on the render farm.

  • Annotator: A tool for preparing and documenting the restoration work. It allows to mark defects on the film frames and generate reports with annotations.

  • Player: A tool for real-time viewing of the restored film frames with different filters applied.

Diamant Film Restoration Software is available in different versions to suit different needs and budgets. The versions are:


DustBuster+ LTInteractive Tools (Paint Tools and Repair Tools)

DustBuster+Interactive Tools (Paint Tools and Repair Tools) + Annotator + Player

Diamant-Film Suite LTInteractive Tools (Paint Tools and Repair Tools) + Filter Tools + Annotator + Player + BatchRenderer (single workstation)

Diamant-Film SuiteInteractive Tools (Paint Tools and Repair Tools) + Filter Tools + Annotator + Player + BatchRenderer (single workstation or render farm) + Video Tools (optional)


Diamant Film Restoration Software is a powerful and versatile solution for film restoration that can handle a wide range of film defects with high quality and efficiency. It is suitable for film archives, post production houses, studios and laboratories that want to preserve and restore their film collections. It offers a user-friendly interface and a flexible workflow that can be adapted to different needs and preferences. It is constantly evolving and improving to meet the latest standards and challenges of the film industry.


  • [HS-ART Digital]

  • [Diamant Altec]

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