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[S5E24] Girls Will Be Boys

Hey Full House Podcast Listeners,Angela Bowen here, the host of Oh Mylanta Holy Chalupas: An Unofficial Full House Fuller House Podcast.Today, I covered Full House S5E24: Girls Will Be Boys, which aired on April 28, 1992.In this episode When her best friend Teddy ignores her for being a girl, Michelle decides she wants to become a boy instead. Meanwhile, Jesse gets a part on Joey's TV show, and DJ catches Stephanie listening in on her phone call.This was a good episode. I really liked it.Michelle loses Teddy (temporarily) to Aaron (Mr. Bossypants) when Aaron starts hassling Teddy about playing/hanging out with girls which apparently at age 5 is something boys just aren't allowed to do (according to Aaron).Teddy who will not stand up to Aaron follows his lead leaving Michelle to ponder, what do I do now, since I lost my best friend?She takes it upon herself to start dressing like a boy since that's the only way to get Teddy to hang with her.During a play session of playing guns (can't get more 90's then that, along with Michelle's idea of playing house)Teddy gets fake injured and Michelle morphs into rescue nurse mode.Upon seeing this Aaron calls her out on not being a "real boy" since boys can't be nurses and he takes Teddy who looks at Michelle and says "Nice try Michelle", like she was attempting to fool him. She was desperate to hang out and changing her clothes and attitude was the only way Teddy would respond.Danny explains that what's going on with Teddy is a stage or a phase and he'll grow out of it, so in the mean time she just has to ride this out.Danny starts to tell Michelle that one day boys will want to hang out with her all the time and that's when Danny goes through his "keep away from my daughter stage".This statement (which I get was played for laughs) just goes way over Michelle's head, she looks at Danny and tells him " I just want my best friend back".Luckily for her, Teddy has finally tired of Aaron's bossiness but when he tried to be friends again Michelle has already tied herself to her new best friend Denise. Michelle explains to Teddy he is going through a stage and doesn't want to play with girls and that's why they can't hang out. Teddy begs Michelle to take him back and she relents happily cheering "Yay, the stage is over".All the three kids ice out Aaron who is now friendless until they give in and tell him we're playing hide and seek and you're up first, so go hide and we'll find you.Michelle whispers to Teddy "Maybe"We can't forget DJ's payback on Stephanie for listening on her phone calls. She makes Steph so paranoid that DJ is out to get her that Stephanie jumps whenever DJ comes up behind her and freaks when she thinks DJ is going to feed her a poisonous brownie.I have to hand it to DJ, this plan was brilliant!Have a great week everyone!I hope you enjoy this Podcast Episode!To Email The Podcast GO

[S5E24] Girls Will Be Boys

At the apartment, Sheldon laments that he wasn't getting to see Howard's expression that night when he gives him his admiration for the first time. Amy and Penny are playing Pictionary against Leonard and Sheldon. Sheldon's drawing concepts and guesses are too complicated and confusing for Leonard and the girls win. For the word "polish", Sheldon draws things that are Polish like sausage and Madame Curie while Penny waits a few minutes to enjoy his act and then draws a hand, paints the nails and Amy says (nail) polish. Then they tell the boys that they can beat them in any contest. Penny does not want to play "Physics Fiesta" where physics questions are given in Spanish since Sheldon just made up the game. Sheldon doesn't want to play darts, pool, beer pong, or have a wet t-shirt contest since they are bar games and Penny has been going to bars since she was of age. Amy suggests water polo and Operation with real cadavers. Next, Amy and Leonard try Where's Waldo? without their glasses and Amy wins. Penny and Sheldon try a contest where they are spinning around a lightsaber and then rush over to do a division problem while still dizzy. Although she spun a bit faster than him, Penny beats Sheldon at mathematics because he falls over and knocks down his whiteboard. Next, Penny is wrestling] with Sheldon who is pinned almost instantly and can't get up. Then Penny has to try and kiss Sheldon. Sheldon asks Amy to do something, so she joins in also kissing him. 041b061a72

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