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Laurel Boars
Laurel Boars

Splinter Cell Blacklist Dlc Unlocker Gta [2021]

With the crash, Third Echelon Headquarters was in flames, with splinter cells and Black Arrow mercenaries trapped inside, and security system going haywire. Sam made his way through the building to find an exit, meeting Coste halfway. They make their way to the exit before the buildings explode. Coste gives Sam data leading to the location of the EMPs before they separate.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Dlc Unlocker Gta

Both Sam and Coste head to hidden missile base on the shores of the Potomac River in order to disarm the EMP missile being prepped there. As they make their way to the base by boat, they are chased and fired upon by Black Arrow and splinter cells in boats and humvees on the shore. Clearing the way Sam lets Victor off, while he makes by boat to shut down generators powering the searchlights of the base. Switching off the generator alerts the base. Sam is chased back to Victor, who takes out the boats with an RPG. They make their way and disable the last few generators. At the last one, Sam interrogates a Black Arrow mercenary who tell him about Prentiss, and the EMP. Sam and Coste then make their way to the missile silo. Sam cleared the forces around the silo and attempted to disarm the EMP. But the missile was fired.

Sam and Coste quickly fly their helicopter to the White House just as the EMP exploded causing them to crash. Black Arrow and splinter cells were already inside the White House trying to capture and kill the president. Sam made his way inside. Inside, Grim contacted him letting him know that they were almost closing in on the president in the Oval Office. Coste also contacted him to tell him that he was inbound with his daughter. Sam ran into Grim, who shot him, to get him closer to the president. Splinter cells enter the room and then escorted him to Reed. After a long speech, Sam got his chance, grabbing Reed, and killing the five splinter cells guarding him. Sam interrogated him, and Grim killed him. His daughter walked into the Oval Office and they were finally reunited. Both walked away from Grímsdóttir. 350c69d7ab

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