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Vsevolod Chernov
Vsevolod Chernov

The Bongos Drums Along The Hudson Rar

Second launch from K Missile. This time around, Rebecca & Alex ( Fluting on the Hump drums & saxophone respectively) are gone from the band (however, they resurface briefly on the extra super secret track). Their spots were filled by Charles Curtis (cello) & Steve Dansiger (drums), both of whom had previously been in You Suck. David Licht provides percussion on about half the tracks & Kramer plays slide guitar & keyboards along with various other stuff here & there. Plus, this time Dogbowl wrote a bunch of vocal melodies for Hall to sing, so only parts of this record are spoken. Gratefully John S. Hall's usual dark, black humor helps harden Dogbowl's romantic fantasies making They a more experimental, less jokey album than their first outing.KM (DFR) is: John S. Hall - vocals; Stephen 'Dogbowl' Tunney - guitar; Kramer - slide guitar, keyboards, & aundries; Charles Curtis - cello; Steve Dansinger & David Licht - percussion with Rebecca 'R.B.' Korbet - drums & Alex Delaszio - saxophone on "Double Fucked...".

The Bongos Drums Along The Hudson Rar


Blue Mitchell, trumpet; Garnett Brown, trombone; James Spaulding, alto sax, flute; Stanley Turrentine, tenor sax; McCoy Tyner, piano; Duke Pearson, organ, arranger; Bob Cranshaw, bass; Ray Lucas, drums; Richard Landrum, congas, bongos, tambourine.

Chuck Findley, trumpet, slide trumpet, flugelhorn; Oscar Brashear, Bob Findley, Paul Hubinon, trumpet, flugelhorn; George Bohanon, Charlie Loper, trombone; Lew McCreary, bass trombone; Bill Green, flute, English horn, baritone sax; Stanley Turrentine, tenor sax; Buddy Collette, tenor sax, flute; Glenn Dicterow, Bobby DuBow, Winterton Garvey, Janice Gower, Michelle Grab, Carl LaMagna, Bob Lipsett, Mitchell Markowitz, Charles Veal, Kenneth Yerke, violin; Denyse Buffum, David Campbell, Pamela Goldsmith, Arthur Royval, viola; Ronald Cooper, Dennis Karmazyn, David Speltz, cello; Richard Feves, contrabass; Dorothy Ashby, harp; Joe Sample, electric piano; Dawilli Gonga, synthesizer; Craig McMullen, Lee Ritenour, guitar; Paul Jackson, electric bass; Harvey Mason, drums; Bill Summers, congas, bongos, percussion.

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