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Two things recently happened, the black plastic trim on the top of the bootlid hs developed a small crack, and there appear to be several others developing, there are visible marks. No apparent cause for this.

Crack ccboot 2.0

I didn't have any cracks in the trim, but when I had my CC the lights access covers inside the bootlid did fill up with water that would pour out after long periods of rain when the bootlid was opened.

Hi. I have a Black 2010 Passatt CC and at the end of July (car was just over 3 years old), I noticed a crack about midway through the plastic piece on top of the boot lid. On searching other VW owner fora I quickly found that this same fault has been regulalry found in hot overseas countries (Australia, Middle East and in the US)-in those countries the plastic part was replaced under warranty.

I contacted VW in the UK through my dealer but because they say this fault has never been reported in the UK they say its not their fault and therefore its not covered under Warranty. Interestingly the replacement part in hot counties is plastic. VW UK refused to escalate the issue to VW in Germany. After much arguing VW have agreed to fund 50% of the repair but I am not giving up as I know other UK owners of black Passatt CCs will have this same problem and when enough of us report the problem to VW UK they will treat it as a defect and will repair under warranty. VW UK maintain that the crack has been caused my me-absolutely not the case!!!!

Hi I have exactly this same problem with my black VW Passat CC, 59 reg. In July I reported this issue to local volkswaven dealership. After two months of deceiving, VW eventualy refused to fix the crack as they don't believe it should be their concern. First they even tried to put the blame on me, but they didn't find any reason. Instead I printed them several forum conversations from different countries (Europe and USA) to prove I am not the only one having this problem. Still no progress so far.

Can you please let me know whether any of you raised complaint to the dealer and whether they were helpful at al? Mine VW Stockport was completely useless. They didn't want to accept the claim as they state that car was outside the manufacture warranty. They didn't want to accept the fact that the crack happened because of the weakness in design. They also didn't accept that this fault is common in these cars and accept to fix free of charge in other countries. I even contacted UK VW but still with no success.

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