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Sub Sonik - My Time (Official Audio)

The System Program CDDA playback commands for every zone are implemented by this point, having an identical amount to the final game's. This accounts for the switch to using PCM audio for the past time zones, and also accounts for R2's removal, implying that it may have never been implemented, or was removed by this point.

Sub Sonik - My Time (Official Audio)

The power amp I use is the 350 Watt per channel Pass Laboratories X350.5.At first the preamplifier I put into service was the MarkLevinson No. 523 that I reviewed at the end of last year, but most of thetime I used the very impressive Merrill Audio Christine reviewed in lastmonth's issue. The analog front-end remains my Basis Audio V turntable, with aGold Note Tuscany phono cartridge mounted on a Tri-Planar 6 tonearm. Theturntable's power cord is connected to an AC regenerator, providing it with anear perfect 60Hz sine wave when spinning 33.3 rpm records, and at the press ofa button 81Hz for 45rpm discs. The amazing DanD'Agostino Master Audio phono preamplifier I reviewed eventually had to be returned sothey could display it at the Chicago audio show AXPONA, but thankfully I wasable to spend a good deal of time with it for this review before it had to bereturned. For a while I used the excellent Merrill Audio Jens phonopreamp, butthat phono stage also had to be returned for the same show where the Dan D'Agostinowas being displayed. My reference Pass Laboratories XP-15 phonopreamplifier was called back into service for the remaining portion of thereview.

The greatest achievement of the Majestic 545 is when it comesto "realism". To me, that is the most important characteristic that a pair ofspeakers can have, and why I hold the Sound Lab Majestic 545's in such highregard. To me, this is what being an audiophile is all about, the quest for theHoly Grail of not being able to distinguish between a recording and the realthing. No, recordings played through the Sound Lab are not indistinguishablefrom the real thing. Obviously, the level of realism will depend greatly on thesound quality of the recording. But there are plenty of times during the reviewperiod when there were selected instruments that came awfullyclose to sounding like "the real thing", or at the very least they captured thegestalt of the recordings I was playing through them better than any otherspeakers I've ever heard in my room.

In the past, I've heard some complain that the treble ofelectrostatic speakers can be more than a bit rolled off. Not so with theMajestic 545's. I had a group of audiophiles over my home to listen to thelatest Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab reissue of Santana's Abraxas.We compared this 2-disc "one step" 45rpm version with the single disc olderversion, and besides listening with our audiophile hats on we also spent a gooddeal of time simply enjoying the album. With the coterie of percussion on thisalbum, much of our focus was on the treble response that was being reproduced oneach version, the newer MFSL winning this shoot-out by wide margin. There wasnever any question whether the Majestic 545 was rendering the sound of thetreble in a realistic manner or not. The highest treble of the cymbals andmetallic percussion was reproduced in the most life-like manner I've ever heardby a pair of speakers in my listening room.

Sometime you need to push your kick sound into clipping to add grit or punch using distortion and limiting, the Master Output Fader allows you to adjust and tame down the final output from KICK 2 into your DAW channel to avoid clipping inside your DAW, but the metering itself reflects the entire KICK 2 audio signal flow before this Post Metering Master Output Fader.

Attack defines how long it takes to reach maximum compression once a signal exceeds the threshold, while Release sets how long it takes for the compressor to return to normal operation after the signal falls below the threshold. With Auto Release enabled, the release time will adjust automatically based on the incoming audio.

Sync mode will freeze the audio at regular intervals, determined by the Interval control. By toggling the Freezer Time Unit buttons, the Interval control can be set to either milliseconds or beat-time values. 041b061a72

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