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[S1E4] Girl In New Orleans (FKA Interview With ...

In 2010, hosted NewsNation with Tamron Hall, which included high-profile interviews and coverage of US, global and entertainment news. Airing weekday afternoons, the show covered important American events, including a live television broadcast from Ground Zero in New York City after the death of Osama Bin Laden, the final space shuttle launch in 2011, and Hurricane Isaac in 2012. Hall also encouraged viewers to express their opinions via social media on prominent, controversial news stories.[3]

[S1E4] Girl in New Orleans (FKA Interview with ...

Each episode features reenactments, video clips, and interviews of people who claim to have experienced encounters with the supernatural. These stories also include some historical facts of the reportedly haunted locations.

Two men retire without knowing their new home sits on the graves of people who were tortured and murdered by the KKK. The RMS Queen Mary once ruled the high seas, but now ghosts roam her decks; the ghost of the 10th President of the United States haunts his memorial grave site in Tennessee; two women experience the results of a curse that was made on a small Texas town; a shadow man and a girl killed tragically haunt an old stagecoach stop; and, in a final twist, so many guests of an old hotel were encountering ghosts that the owners built a new area they hope will be a "ghost free zone".[4]

A tourist who was knifed in the back by a violent ghost while on vacation; a dead wife jealousy haunts her husband and his new girlfriend; a woman snaps the picture of a smiling apparition; and a ghost named "Charlie" messes with the minds of employees at a bar.

A family heirloom, an old chifferobe brings with it spiritual baggage and light orbs were captured; Shadowy figures was captured in a mansion where several people has committed suicide; The chandelier of a country club was caught on video swinging on its own and EVPs and orbs were captured; ghosts chase a man from his own home and a ghostly demonic figure was captured; Frightening spirits appear at a former Native American gravesite and a ghost cat were captured; the ghost of a little girl Elizabeth was spotted and her EVP was captured.

Subcontractors working in an old school built in 1929 captured videos of doors opening and a chair moving on its own, and EVPs and photos of what looked like demon claws; Investigator to an old morgue captured video of a chair being flipped on its side with no one around and photos of full body apparitions, and an employee was scratched; a woman's home becomes haunted after her husband chokes to death on a hot dog; a woman and her son hear strange gunshots of Confederate ghost soldiers and photos of light orbs at the Gettysburg battlefield; a woman's 1840s home becomes haunted and a ghost of a young girl, light orbs and a demonic face were captured; and when a couple visit a lighthouse haunted by a ghost cat and a little ghost boy, they encounter sobbing, touching, shadow people, and the sounds of cat meows.

A couple of paranormal investigators experience something out of a horror movie on the battleship USS North Carolina with pictures, EVPs and videos of spirits; Two woman are attacked by an evil spirit posing as a child; A mother confronts a sinister apparition standing over her baby's crib; Two buddies in their bachelor pad have the same nightmares about a little girl in their closet; a Denver mansion is haunted by the ghosts of guard dogs who had worked there; and the murder of a man killed by Wild Bill Hickok adds to the paranormal activity at a haunted house attraction.

A woman taking pictures of her fireplace discovers the ghosts of her relatives in the photos of the flaming logs; Two friends experience paranormal activities like pictures of mists, orbs, shadowy figure and door opening on its own while visiting the Lizzie Borden house; The spirit of a little girl who died in a fountain haunts a restaurant and diners encountered paranormal experience in the toilet; a couple bought a house where a boy died in a basement fire and captured videos of light orbs, EVPs and picture of the boy's spirit; A theater is wracked with paranormal activity which includes the ghosts of staff and audience members who died in there, and investigators captured shadowy figures and video of cloak moving on its own; and a woman visiting a castle panics when her body suddenly begins to burn when her husband discovers claw mark scratches on her back.

A paranormal group captured an EVP of a former customer, Leo and mist by the pool table; Two brothers investigated an accident site and believed they captured apparitions of the 3 youths who were killed there; A man tries to help a girl's spirit reunite with her family; Paranormal investigators captured an apparition in a haunted house attraction; A paranormal investigator was attacked in a cemetery; and a chandelier that was used for a suicide now swings by itself.

A serpentine entity was captured by paranormal investigators in a Texan house; A couple of paranormal investigators get a shocking surprise when they encounter a glowing entity with horn at a haunted apple farm; a woman sees the image of a woman in black Victorian dress in a pan of water at a visitors center; the apparitions of former mental health patients still reside in a psychiatric museum; and a bride sees the ghost of a little girl during her wedding at a haunted house.

A man captures the ghost of a puppy on video; paranormal investigators captured EVP and the face of a caretaker in a haunted lighthouse;paranormal investigators captured EVP and the face of a child who drowned; the ghost of a young boy haunts a young women while she was dressing and showering; and the spirit of a little girl Jessica haunts a building with a long history.

The owner of a haunted attraction encounters the spirit of a little girl; a woman on her first investigation to an abandoned hospital captures an image of a face in the window that appears to have snakes in its hair (gorgon); two ghost hunters investigate an old Victorian funeral home and feel an evil entity down to the basement morgue and a 7-foot shadowman upstairs; when a sensitive takes a tour on board a destroyer she believes she came into contact with a pilot who crashed his plane; A father and daughter catch video evidence of a black mass in their home.

A woman's dog growls at something right after her arm is grabbed by the ghost of little boy in her home; after a man digs up a girl's headstone in his backyard, he is plagued by her father's spirit who murdered her in the late 1800s; a paranormal team captures video footage of playing cards moving and a door opening at a miner's hotel; an orb is seen on camera traveling down a tunnel along with a voice from beyond in an abandoned tuberculosis hospital; and an EVP of a chilling voice in the basement of an old jail where two murders occurred.

While investigating a private home, two women capture an image of a little girl on camera; a woman shoots pictures of glowing orbs inside and outside her own home; a man is encounters a woman's ghost believed to be the owner's wife while staying at a grand hotel; negative entities inhabit a Canadian church when a paranormal team open a portal while during an EVP session; and a medium comes into contact with screaming soldiers' spirits inside a farmhouse that was used as an old Confederate field hospital.

Paranormal investigators capture a shadow figure on video at an old tavern that used to be an illegal gambling den run by gangsters in the 1930s; while touring a house museum, a woman gets grabbed by a little girl ghost named Genevieve who died in 1862; after moving into her early 1900s house, a woman experiences activity such as loud crashing and banging sounds, and an EVP of a little child's voice asking for help; a man pushes it too far during an EVP session when he gets scratched on his arm by an unseen force while in a haunted community center; and when a man visits an historic home built in 1793 by fur trader John Johnston he interacts with Molly, the ghost of Johnston's granddaughter.

Two teachers are frozen in fear when they encounter an apparition called the "Pink Lady" at their old school built in 1928; an evil entity believed to be a shapeshifter tries to claim a mother's daughter in their own home; a volunteer at an historic house sees a shadow figure of a little girl who died from tuberculosis along with a black mist; while exploring a cemetery where many children are buried, a couple feels the presence of these children around them and one little boy followed them back home; and when newlyweds move into their new home, they soon realize their house is haunted by the previous owner.

And that brings us up to present day. If you're sick to death of twerking, Fuse News' Elaine Moran hears you and has crafted the perfect anti-twerk anthem. And to see what legitimate twerking looks like from a dancer who knows what they're doing, read our Miley-slamming interview with the Queen of Bounce Big Freedia and watch her upcoming reality show, Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce, when it debuts October 2 at 11/10c on Fuse.

EPISODE #777, 3/18/2023: In part II of our interview with WWII vet Durl Gibbs, we hear from Durl and his son, Wes, about the incredible journey that reunited an item Durl had brought home from the Battle of Okinawa with the family of a fallen Japanese soldier.

EPISODE #677, 4/17/2021: Part II of our interview with Joe Peterburs covers his time as a prisoner of war in World War II, and what followed in his 36-year military career, in addition to his chance to meet the German ace he had shot down.

EPISODE #571, 4/13/2019: Part II of our interview with 99-year-old George Coburn of Oceanside, CA focuses on his time aboard the cruiser USS Louisville (CA-28), including the kamikaze attack off of Okinawa in which he was wounded.

Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Special, 12/7/2016: original radio broadcasts from 1941, in addition to interviews with two men who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor, then returned to Oahu for the 75th anniversary. 041b061a72

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